Dan Gregory

Haley's Dad

We noticed a change in our daughter’s attitude and confidence immediately. We were amazed.

Marcus Correa

Alli's Dad

I can’t thank you enough for what you do for these girls.  We are in the throes of teen angst, and I just love having ZGiRLS as a resource and inspiration.

Pam Stilton

Jennifer's Mom

The program and Mentor blew me away! The Mentor was professional, inspiring, related and cared so much for the team and instantly made a connection with the girls. She is AMAZING!

Kari Hensien

Katie's Mom

My daughter was able to have the great season she did because she did the right things mentally for each run, and took more ownership of her training and coaching. Pretty impressive for a 12 year old.

Shelley Moore

Aili & Emma's Mom

If you have a teenage daughter in sports, involve her in this amazing program! Through ZGiRLS mentorship and curriculum, your daughter will develop critical life skills to feel confident, brave, empowered, self-assured, and realize what her body is capable of.