Kim Grant


I had a blast leading this program – it was an incredibly beneficial growth opportunity as well. If only the girls could know how much they taught me throughout the process! My biggest memory is how inspired I felt after the program. The girl’s determination, passion, and ability to dream was totally inspiring and made me check my own attitude and the way I am setting goals for myself.

Amanda McDonald

Ski Racing

I loved working with my Circle. They were open to learning, loved participating, asked great questions, and helped each other out. I will never forget how we got into a long conversation about how to prepare for a race day or training day. I offered what I had learned throughout the years, then the other girls interjected and offered great advice to their peer in the group. They all wanted to work with one another to help each other succeed.

Jessica Khoshnood


I was drawn to ZGiRLS because it offered me a way to stay connected to like-minded women and the sport I love. ZGiRLS Mentors are truly a team, something I had been missing since ending my sports career.