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ZGiRLSsweat: Q&A with Taryn Hemmings

Olympic & NCAA skiers started ZGiRLS. Olympic & pro soccer players started Sweat™ Cosmetics. There’s no doubt that female athletes make winning entrepreneurs. Yet, according to Gatorade’s Keep Her in the Game initiative, one of the biggest reasons adolescent girls drop out of sport is a refocus of her time on things that will benefit her future self.

As a team effort, we kicked-off #ZGiRLSsweat series to show girls that the lessons they learn in athletics can translate to achieving their future ambitions! Today, you’ll meet Sweat Founder, Taryn Hemmings!

Name: Taryn Hemmings
Sport: University of Denver, Chicago Red Stars, & Boston Breakers Soccer Player
Job: Founder & COO at Sweat Cosmetics (@sweatcosmetics)
My favorite way to sweat: pilates

The mental skill I practice the most is: concentrative breathing

Confidence is: knowing yourself

When I fail or face self-doubt I: to be honest, there’s definitely a good cry & then I try to move on and find something new to focus on

1 tip for pre-game nerves: knowing that having a bit of nerves is a good thing!

And I would tell my 12-year-old self: just to breathe and relax…I was already very stressed as a 12-year-old and I wish I would have known that as long as I kept working hard everything was going to be okay!

My coolest sports memory: Coming into my first day with the Boston Breakers and being in the locker next to Kristine Lily

I mostly eat: I’m constantly trying to fuel my body better! My big focus is drinking enough water!

I support ZGiRLS because: For me growing up, being on a team and playing sports what the number one thing that gave me confidence. I think especially for girls, sports are such an important and positive outlet that helps them find themselves.

A fun fact people don’t know about me: I was the very last (63rd I think!) draft pick of my year and ended up playing pro for 6 years!

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