ZGiRLS IS HIRING! Program Coordinator

** To apply, please send your resume & cover letter to info@zgirls.org **


As the ZGiRLS Program Coordinator, you’ll be a key supportive player for all ZGiRLS Programs. You’ll support every member of the team with tasks ranging from program logistics to daily administrative needs of the organization. You are a team player who takes direction well and is eager to learn more about ZGiRLS. You are a multi-tasker who can balance a variety of small tasks, while also managing larger projects. Most importantly, you thrive in creating order and organization in chaos. Systems, processing, workflows…that’s your first language. Because of you, the team will function better and faster.


Program Management

  • You’ll manage administrative needs for all ZGiRLS Programs by supporting the Director of Programs & Fun with program registration, logistics, organization, and all administrative tasks.
  • You’ll serve as the primary point of contact for information requests, including gathering information from parents, participants, and mentors/volunteers.
  • You’ll keep the Director of Programs & Fun informed of program progress against program objectives.
  • You’ll coordinate planning and logistics for Programs including registration management, ordering supplies, coordinating with vendors, and booking travel.
  • You’ll help organize and streamline the ZGiRLS program registration platform including workflows, information gathering, and program scheduling.
  • You’ll draft program communications and emails (external) for program promotions, management, and follow-up.
  • You’ll create and manage all program evaluations 30-days after the conclusion of the program. This includes survey data input, data evaluation, and creating a visual performance report to send to the entire team.

Social Media, Marketing, and Public Relations

  • You’ll aid in the management of ZGiRLS’ social media presence; including drafting copy, curating photos, and scheduling posts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.
  • You’ll assist in drafting email marketing and/or program promotional materials.
  • You’ll aid in public relations and press management/outreach.

Organizational and administrative support

  • You’ll be the key note taker at monthly ZGiRLS board meetings.
  • You’ll aid in the organization and logistics of the annual ZGiRLS Gala, as needed.
  • You’ll support a wide variety of special projects, as needed.


  • Located in Seattle area (not a remote position).
  • A Bachelor’s Degree.
  • An incredible passion for the ZGiRLS mission that invigorates and excites everyone with whom you share it with.
  • You are a team player. Although you are a focused and organized individual, you recognize the importance of the team, which is essential for this demanding environment that continuously strives for excellence.
  • If organizing was an Olympic sport, you’d be a gold medalist. You love creating order from chaos and putting everything in its appropriate and organized place.
  • You enjoy writing organized and well-thought-out emails. Catching typos and writing errors is a hobby of yours.
  • You get things done. When you say you’re going to finish something, it always gets completed.
  • You are very customer service driven. At the end of the day, we serve the girls and parents above anything else.
  • You are willing to step in and manage undesirable or mundane organizational tasks.
  • Enjoys stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new challenges.
  • You’re an entrepreneur at heart and enjoy this fast-paced, startup environment. You’re self-managed, can work independently, and you’re ready to jump in with both feet.
  • You’re willing to work flexible hours: weekend camps or week-long programs
  • You’re positive, self-reflective, open to feedback


ENERGY: ZGiRLS is a verb – an energetic and optimistic way of being

TEAM: ZGiRLS believes that together we are stronger as a team

BELONGING: ZGiRLS is proactively inclusive across all perceived barriers

STRENGTH: ZGiRLS promotes strong personal growth that works toward mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

CHALLENGES: ZGiRLS embraces challenges as opportunities for growth and development

SPORTS: ZGiRLS recognizes sports as a powerful tool to develop confident and resilient individuals


** To apply, please send your resume & cover letter to info@zgirls.org **

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