ZGiRLS BOARD OF DIRECTORS is Growing: Open Position!

As a member of the ZGiRLS Board of Directors, you recognize the awesome responsibility of representing and advocating on behalf of ZGiRLS and you’ll be determining how ZGiRLS will carry out its mission through long and short-range planning. You will set and adopt an annual budget, provide fiscal oversight, and evaluate the organization’s performance in achieving the mission. 

Additionally, you are responsible for the hire and performance evaluation of the Executive Director and will help establish policies for the effective management of the entire organization. You’re passionate about elevating the next generation of girls and will help ZGiRLS make a positive impact on the world.


  • Start Date: January 1, 2020
  • Time Commitment: 4-6 volunteer hours per month
  • Term Length: 2 years
  • Vision: ZGiRLS creates a world where girls and women live with ZERO limitations.
  • Mission: ZGiRLS equips girls with the tools and perspective to be confident, centered and courageous.


ENERGY: ZGiRLS is a verb – an energetic and optimistic way of being

TEAM: ZGiRLS believes that together we are stronger as a team

BELONGING: ZGiRLS is proactively inclusive across all perceived barriers

STRENGTH: ZGiRLS promotes strong personal growth that works toward mental, emotional, and physical well-being

CHALLENGES: ZGiRLS embraces challenges as opportunities for growth and development

SPORTS: ZGiRLS recognizes sports as a powerful tool to develop confident and resilient individuals


  • Orientation and Education. Attend and participate in an informal meeting with Executive Director to learn more about ZGiRLS and to experience ZGiRLS activities.
  • Board Meeting & Annual Retreat Attendance. Make every effort to attend and participate at all scheduled Board meetings and the annual board retreat (must maintain an 80% attendance rate). The Board will meet approximately 12 times per year, usually on the first Wednesday of every month.
  • Board Committees. Participate in one committee. Current committees include: (1) executive (2) governance (3) finance (4) fund development, and (5) program & curriculum.
  • Leadership. Be willing to step into a leadership role. Possible roles include: chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer, or head of a committee.
  • Annual Gala (March). Actively participate in the annual ZGiRLS Gala each year.
  • Fundraising. Make an annual personally significant financial contribution. Help raise the necessary funds to ensure that ZGiRLS has adequate resources to fulfill the organization’s mission and strategic goals.
  • Participation and Representation. Stay current on all facts upon which board members must base their decisions. Demonstrate commitment through responsive communication. Share personal expertise and time when willing and able. Be a proactive ambassador and proponent of the organization.


  • Located in Seattle area (or ability to travel to monthly board meetings)
  • An incredible passion for the ZGiRLS mission that invigorates and excites everyone with whom you share it with

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