Two Athletes Turned Entrepreneurs, Demonstrate How to Chase Down Big Dreams

We were sitting together, in a borrowed office space, our 2015 goals sprawled across the 20-foot wide white board, and she said it: “ZGiRLS will be bigger than Girl Scouts.” I glanced at Libby wide eyed. We let the words hang in the air for a minute. It felt uncomfortable, scary, and exhilarating. As the excitement boiled up inside my belly, I knew she was right. It was necessary to dream that big.

For the past three years, ZGiRLS has been growing in Seattle. We have a team of 27 dedicated collegiate to professional level athletes that have served as Mentors to over 500 girls. It’s been incredibly inspiring but also comfortable. We know we’ve been playing it safe and it is finally time to launch ZGiRLS nationwide.

Here’s the thing about big audacious scary goals: they take a lot of hard work. A. LOT. OF. HARD. WORK. Since that day in November 2014, Libby and I have remained fixated on one goal: build the necessary infrastructure and support to bring ZGiRLS to girls across the country. It’s been a huge undertaking and there have been days where I wonder why we dared to dream so big. But, I always come back to exactly what we teach at ZGiRLS—chasing down your dreams takes courage, and by doing so, you make courage contagious. Like fire, it spreads and ignites even bigger dreams in those around you.

As we quickly approach our June 1st national launch, I’m filled with both excitement and joy. We’re so close to realizing a small piece of our big dream. We’re launching a new website, onboarding over 200 female athlete Mentors, launching a crowdfunding campaign, and rolling out our 5th version of the Compass Curriculum™. But I’ll be completely honest, I also feel a sense of vulnerability in putting ZGiRLS out there. I think about all the time, energy, and passion our team has poured into making ZGiRLS something that not only inspires girls, but elevates them. I anxiously hope that parents and girls see that same value that we have poured into our programs.

Through this process, Libby and I have realized one very important and crucial lesson, we can’t chase down this dream alone. If there is one phrase I’ve repeated over and over again for the last six months it’s, “would you be willing to help us?” With each ask, I’ve been overwhelmed with the inpouring of support from our donors, Advisory Board, Mentorship team, and all of wonderful volunteers who are giving their time and expertise to help us inch closer to this national launch.

Today, we’re asking you, our community, to join us! We truly cannot do this without you. On June 1st we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. What does that mean? See our TRAILER VIDEO HERE. We are asking that you join ZGiRLS by backing our expansion. We will have a variety of perks like: purchasing a ZGiRLS participant scholarship, a ZGiRLS trucker hat, a self-guided goal setting workbook, and many many more. Your investment goes directly to bringing ZGiRLS across the country.

If you’re one of those rockstars who wants to get even more involved with our national launch to help make this a complete success, simply email “I’m in” to

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