Treat Yourself as You Would Like To Be Treated

Meet Anna Izzo. She is a 22 year old, former collegiate D1 athlete. She has always had a passion for health & wellness, but it wasn’t until she stepped away from the ski circuits her junior year that she realized how far from balanced her life had been as an athlete. She was fed up with living the life of a D1 skier yet still feeling she lacked the body, energy and quality of life that was automatically projected on her as a collegiate racer. As a result, she battled depression as well as a disordered mentality surrounding food. Since then, however, she has transformed her life from one of emptiness and restriction to one of fulfillment and balance. She shares how to treat yourself like you would treat someone you love:

We have all heard it said: self-care; we’ve all thought the same, who has time for that? In truth, we often care for others better than we care for ourselves. Now, if we can find the time for others, why can’t we budget 20, 10, even 5 minutes for ourselves in a given day? What a warped world that is, am I right? 

It’s been drilled into us since kindergarten to “treat others as you would like to be treated,” but how are we so good at this if we’ve never really stopped to think about how we really want to be treated? I asked myself this question not too long ago, and shortly after I began my health journey, investing in myself every single day. Did I stop treating others with kindness, compassion, and understanding? On the contraire, I actually noticed that by investing in myself, I was finding I had more to give to others. By focusing inward, I have  grown outward.

So go ahead, make yourself a healthy homemade meal, take an essential oil infused bath, or take your furry friend for a walk in nature. Fuel yourself first.

Life is beautiful lovelies, keep on keeping on. Xoxo, Hannah, WhollybanAnna

Anna founded WhollybanAnnato be a source of encouragement and community for those who are looking to change their outlook on wellness from a word to a world of possibility. The website was created to share her journey, and her recipes for discovering a positive balanced outlook on life after recovery: staying fit, fueling with nourishing fresh recipes, and having loads of fun along the way.

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