Mentor Profile: Brittany Lathrop

Name: Brittany Lathrop

Sport: Alpine Skiing

How long have you been a mentor for ZGiRLS? This is my first year.

2 of your favorite athletic accomplishments: J2 Nationals SL Champion and US Development Ski Team (2  years)

What made you want to join the ZGiRLS community? When I heard that it was an opportunity to work with other younger girls in my sport, I knew I wanted to join. When I was on the ski team I learned so much that I wish I knew when I was younger and I wanted younger girls to have that opportunity.

Who is your role model? My grandma. She grew up in a time when woman competing in sports wasn’t really a thing. So instead she would dress up as a man and compete in the men’s ski races. She knew what she wanted and never let anyone stop her. 

What is your favorite quote? “Fake it till you make it.” Its kind of a silly quote but a lot of the time I find myself or other athletes saying they aren’t good enough. If you never believe your good enough to be where you are then you will never get to where you want to go. So if you can’t convince yourself you belong there, than hey, just fake it and you might just make it.

Where is your favorite place to train? My favorite place to train is at the Copper Mountain Speed Center. That hill is so demanding and challenging that even if you have a bad run you learn something. The snow conditions are always awesome and what’s not to love about Colorado! (Copper Mountain, CO)

If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three items would you bring along with you?

  1. My running shoes
  2. A knife (logically for food)
  3. An endless supply of Ben and Jerry’s J

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