Meeting My Role Model & Idol, Lindsey Vonn

Ally Albrecht & Lindsey Vonn ZGiRLSWritten By: Ally Albrecht – Evergreen, CO (age 14)

The Lindsey Vonn Foundation Summer Camp was truly an amazing experience. Lindsey has been my life inspiration and role model since I was nine years old. After my first night of ski racing at my local mountain, my dad showed me a video of her skiing and from that moment on I knew I wanted to be like her. She sends such a powerful message to young girls by never giving up and following her dreams. This camp incorporated these messages along with other important life lessons.Linsey Vonn ZGiRLS 2Lindsey Vonn ZGiRLS

During the camp, we learned the following: how to change negativity into positivity, how to have self-confidence, and how to be a part of a team. Each day, our groups gathered in “huddles” where we learned these fundamentals. We also got to apply them as well by doing certain activities such as water balloon toss, the human knot challenge, hiking, yoga, obstacle courses, and exercise challenges.
My (and many others’) favorite part of the camp was of course meeting Lindsey herself! It was so cool that she was there participating in the activities despite her broken ankle. That alone shows her strong mentality. She was very humble and friendly, and answered everyone’s questions freely. Personally, I got very emotional, as I was so star struck.

Back in third grade we did a project where we sent our idols a letter. I picked Lindsey Vonn as I wanted to also be a ski racer. Meeting her in person now as a freshman in High School was just so cool…she was so nice to me…I will never forget it. I want to be on the U.S. Ski Team just like her and am working really hard to get there. My family moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado this year and I am getting the chance to race for the Winter Park Ski Team. I will be cheering for Lindsey this year like always and maybe one day she will even cheer for me! Many of the lessons we learned this weekend will help motivate me and give me the confidence to do my best and achieve my goals!

ZGiRLS Team WorkOverall, this weekend has taught me that I can overcome any obstacle as I approach it with the right mental attitude.  This camp was such an amazing opportunity and I was so blessed to have gotten to the chance to go. Thank you ZGiRLS and The Lindsey Vonn Foundation for hosting this awesome and unforgettable weekend…I hope to be one of your counselors one day and help other girls have the same great experience that I had!


Amanda AlbrechtWritten By: Amanda Albrecht (age 13)

Let me first start off by saying… best weekend of my life! I have so many great experiences and memories from this weekend. Here is what we did on Saturday and Sunday. First off, I arrived. There were many smiling faces greeting me at the door and helping around to get my supplies for the weekend. Bags, pencils, water bottles, and great t-shirts were provided.

After meeting some friendly women I was directed to the auditorium where we first met Lindsey. There we talked about her foundation and a little bit about what would go on throughout the weekend. After the quick meeting we got in our groups and got to know each other! Soon after meeting some new girls we went out for the first activity. We played some team sports with Lindsey Vonn and other girls of many ages, such as soccer and ultimate Frisbee. I never thought I would get so involved in sports that I have never done before!

ZGiRLS Huddle Lindsey VonnAfter 2 hours of amazing effort and teamwork, my group went inside for a “huddle”. We learned different mental skills to use throughout the journey life brings us. They were all very positive and really helped me become a better person! Such as self-confidence, body image and teamwork. Then after that it was time for lunch, and then back outside! Outside we did a really fun obstacle course and also had some fun with water. We did a water balloon toss game! I think all of the girls really enjoyed it! Then we had another huddle and some snacks and the first day was already almost over!

LVF ZGiRLS Summer Camp for Girls

But the fun did not end, all the girls in the camp got to do yoga! I know I really enjoyed it! Then came one of my favorite parts…a Q&A with Lindsey! Here we learned some very helpful tips, some funny stories, and got to know Lindsey a bit better. This is when she also gave me my favorite quote to keep me motivated. She said, “We have all had those days where we jut don’t want to get out of bed, but then I think about what my competitors are doing.” This really makes me want to work hard in ski racing. I want to be the best U14 at Winter Park and win my ski races this season. Thinking about my competition will motivate me for those early mornings just like it does Lindsey!

LVF ZGiRLS CampOn Sunday, we did some more outdoor games; “The World Cup Challenge”, running, etc. We had some more huddles and some great team building games such as the human knot. We also did a really fun scavenger hunt! We also went on an amazing hike…the view was so beautiful! Then to conclude our last day there was a really great video that showed our parents everything we did! There was also a raffle where some lucky winners got some great prizes!

Overall I would say that this weekend was very inspiring, fun and exciting. Meeting Lindsey Vonn was a dream come true to me! She was so nice and down to earth and gave me some great tips! I learned so many valuable lessons and hope to participate in something like this again if I get the chance. I believe that this camp bettered me as a human and gave me amazing confidence and belief in myself! I know I can do anything! I can’t wait for ski season and look so forward to racing for the Winter Park ski team.

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  1. Hi Allison and Amanda. You have never met me but I’ve seen you both grow up as I am a long-time friend of your grandma Mary. Mary has proudly shared photos and stories all of your accomplishments through the years so I know how much you both love skiing. I enjoyed your letters about your camp experience and wish you both the best of luck in all your future endeavors. It sounds like camp has presented you with good strategies for having a successful life, no matter what you end up doing. All best Regina