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MEET a ZGiRL: Lauren

Lauren’s first ZGiRLS experience was attending the Lindsey Vonn STRONG Girls Camp in Minnesota! She and the majority of the 100+ girls there were alpine skiers, so it was no surprise that they were ecstatic to meet their role model, Lindsey Vonn!

I woke up like this: tired but also ready for the day
My spirit animal: lion they are very confident and the king of the jungle
My favorite way to sweat: on a nice run in the morning
My biggest goal for this year: being able to land a 360 on my surf board
The best for me to get through a stressful situation: listening to music
My ” Happy Place”: the lake
Confidence is: to be comfortable in your own skin
I mostly eat: chicken fingers
And I would tell another girl: you are beautiful inside and out
My role model: Lindsey Vonn
Most exciting thing about this Summer: surfing and the freedom to do anything

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