We asked Seattle Reign Player and ZGiRLS Mentor, Beverly Yanez why she loves mentoring young female athletes. Here’s what she said:

When I was young I always looked to surround myself with positive people because I could feel that I myself was becoming a better person by being around them. I didn’t know this right away but I spent time hanging out with people and realized I felt the best around positive ones. I was so thankful to have a great home environment where my parent’s number one rule was to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. 

During my time in high school, I found out that not everyone lived by this. I never judged, but it hurt my heart seeing so many friends with so much potential that were just confused about who they were. I found my role as a young person to uplift people and help them find the good things about them. Every person in this world is amazing, unique, fun and loving. Everyone just has a different path to find themselves. I wanted to be a person others could come to for anything and everything. I wanted my friends and family to know that I would never judge – only be there for them.

Pay it forward for the next generation.

Now that I am an adult I try to continue to live this way and give back to the youth in any capacity possible. ZGiRLS gives me the opportunity to help young girls build confidence, courageousness and so many other things through their curriculum and huddles. I am so thankful for ZGiRLS and the impact it has made on my life and how it has allowed me to help other young girls. Making the world a better place is something we can all try and do. ZGiRLS is doing this for young girls and I hope it continues to positively influence more young people! Go ZGiRLS!!!


Written by Professional Soccer Player for the Seattle Reign and ZGiRLS Mentor, Beverly Yanez

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  1. I love you, and all that you stand for. I am still growing and hope to be more like you one day.