How Your Daughter Can Change the World Through Sport

How Your Daughter Can Change the World Through Sport

Nothing is more rewarding than positively impacting the life of another. As parents you wish for your children to be kind to others. You hope they enjoy and find helping others worthwhile. When instilling service in children thoughts of physical labor, long hours, or uncomfortable atmospheres may come to mind as the options. However, sometimes it helps to be comfortable as well. We communicate at our best in comfortable settings. Sport can provide that setting. Sport often acts as a common ground for so many people of different ethnicities, races, backgrounds and cultures.

Bond Through Your Favorite Teams

Nothing matters but the present when cheering for your team or playing your favorite sport. It doesn’t matter what the person next to you believes as long as they believe that a touchdown is 6 points and a basket is 2. In those moments we find common ground, we find unity. Currently, it may seem unity is hard to come by. It doesn’t exist everywhere, but when it is found, it should be cherished and taken advantage of. Just as ZGiRLS applies sport as a common ground to build confidence in your daughter, you and your daughter can apply sport to make changes in your own community. From a simple conversation based on favorite teams that leads to a new friendship or inviting someone new to play in a game after school, those small movements create positive change in the lives of others. In those small moments we see the potential for sport to create large social impacts.

Sports Can Promote Change

Sport talk opens conversations with people you thought you would never talk to or ever agree with. Even if you speak and still don’t agree with each other the line of communication is there and open, and hopefully leads to understanding. Sport is a tool to be used for good, as much as it is to be used to entertain. Sport provides the common ground for your daughter to grow, and she can use it to help others grow. Therefore, when you are trying to instill volunteering or acts of good in your child’s life, suggest they talk sports with someone at school or start a game on the playground. Even just one new line of communication is one new opportunity for positive change in the world.


Written By Ashten Morrison, graduate from University of Louisville’s Sports Administration Program. Ashten is dedicated to applying sports as a tool to encourage change in society.

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