Negative Thoughts Into Positive Experiences

How To Turn Negative Thoughts Into Positive Experiences

ZGiRLS have wrapped up the third week of Summer Adventure Camp and are reflecting on three weeks of incredible experiences while kicking week four off in full swing. Each week, our ZGiRLS are overcoming negative thoughts, persevering through new activities, and embracing new friends who have become sisters. We know that being a ZGiRLS means we are constantly fighting off the negative thought patterns that occasionally come into our heads.

At ZGiRLS, we practice. We practice how to we talk to ourselves and how we talk to others. We learn skills to replace bad habits with creative new ones. And most importantly, we acknowledge that stuff can be tough, but we are strong, confident, and courageous.

One of the best ways to practice overcoming our negative thoughts and creating positive experiences is challenging ourselves in the outdoors. ZGiRL Anna learned how to replace her negative thoughts into a positive experience during mountain biking last week. Hear what Anna had to say:

We all started with training with some basic skills, braking, shifting gears, and steering. My challenge was getting through the Mountain bike tracks at the end where the hill was. I keep saying “I CAN’T !” because I got a little scared. When I said, “I Can’t!” Mo came over to talk to me and helped me work through my fear so I could say “I CAN!”. Once we got back from our break we went on the trail. On our way back, I defeated I hill that was pretty steep it was pretty hard getting up, but I made it! Coop really helped me get to the top of the hill by saying lots of positive things like “You got this! Get off of your saddle (bike seat).” I had a lot of fun even though I had I a big negative thought in my head.

We can defeat that hill if we put our mind to it. Sometimes having that person to encourage us through the thought pattern can make all the difference. But when it is only you, and the thoughts inside your mind, reach in towards your inner Anna. Because YOU CAN.

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