How to Start a Circle

If you want to start a ZGiRLS Circle or join a ZGiRLS Circle, you are in the right place!


Although registration doesn’t open until July 1st, there are three very important questions we need to ask:

1. Have you visited our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page yet? If not, go now and purchase a ZGiRLS Participant Registration Perk (either for one participant or the entire Circle).

2. Do you have a group of 5-9 girls? If the answer is “yes,” move onto question three. If the answer is, “no,” it’s time you started telling your friends about ZGiRLS. Here, let us help: You can share all the wonderful things parents, girls, and coaches are saying about their ZGiRLS experience (SEE STORIES). Or you can share the wide range of transformational life-skills that are taught at ZGiRLS (SEE CURRICULUM CALENDAR

3. Do you have a Circle Captain?

YES – Perfect, THEY will be the one to fill out the main Circle registration form with ZGiRLS (from the Get Started page) so we can form the Circle. Once the Circle is registered with ZGiRLS (by City & Captain’s Last Name), the remaining parents will complete registration under that Circle.

NO– Hum, we need to work on finding your Circle a Captain then! Would you be willing to be the Captain? If not, maybe one of the other parents or a coach? Once you determine who will be the Captain, please direct them to complete registration on our Get Started Page on July 1st.



If you have any additional questions, please contact us:





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