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Dear 13-Year-Old-Self: Utilizing Goal-Setting

Have you ever wanted to share a personal goal with a teammate or a coach and been afraid that they were going to laugh at you or even worse not believe in you? As a 13-year-old competitive figure skater, I found it difficult to share my goals aloud because I was afraid of failure, and I did not always feel that I had the support of my coaches. My coaches were always sharing what they wanted for me instead of allowing me to be an equal in the conversation – fostering my goals that would help me grow not only as an athlete, but a person as well. Therefore, this summer leading up to my 25thbirthday I sought out on a journey to utilize goal-setting and develop an achievable goal that would allow me to feel good about my strong body and to thank myself for all the hard work I have put into developing the person I am today. On my running journey this summer, I reflected on what I would have wanted my 13-year-old self to know, and decided to share it with you all!

Here are the three most important tools to remember when utilizing goal-setting:

  1. Your goal should be something YOU want to accomplish.
  2. Set goals that are REALISTIC, goals that you CAN achieve.
  3. Set goals that are MEASURABLE, goals that are in your control.

I wish I had known that it is never too early to start utilizing goal-setting. As a young athlete, I think it can be intimidating to say your goals aloud to someone, because it makes them feel more real. However, now as a young adult I have come to accept and learn the importance of saying your goals aloud and writing them down. It not only helps to hold yourself accountable for what you want to achieve, but it also helps for you to gain confidence in believing that you can accomplish the goal! This summer, as I mentioned earlier I set out on a running journey to increase my mileage, while not placing an emphasis on how fast I was running. It was important for me to share this goal amongst my friends, and I also found it helpful to write it on my calendar so I saw it each morning when I woke up! Waking up and seeing how far I had run the day before just inspired me more and helped keep myself accountable!

My lasting message for my 13-year-old-self is that you are STRONG, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, and NEVER GIVE UP! Love yourself for who you are, and utilize goal-setting to develop yourself and grow.


Your 25-year-old-self


Thank you for following this three-part series with writer Meghan Olt as she reflects how ZGiRLS Curriculum can impact her 13-year-old self, and all the amazing ZGiRLS out there.

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