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Dear 13-Year-Old Self: Embracing Confidence

Have you ever doubted your abilities during an important competition or during a practice? Telling yourself that you are going to miss the shot before even taking it or thinking that you are not a skilled enough player to have made the team? As a 13-year-old competitive figure skater, I cannot tell you how many times I doubted my ability to perform, and even as a college athlete, I did not always believe in myself. I was searching for perfection, where as I really needed to be in search for confidence! Therefore, this summer leading up to my 25thbirthday I sought out on a journey to embrace confidence and to thank myself for all the hard work I have put into developing the person I am today! On my running journey this summer, I reflected on what I would have wanted my 13-year-old self to know, and decided to share it with you all!

When embracing confidence, here are the three most important things you should recognize about yourself:

  1. You are STRONG.
  2. Be proud of who YOU are.
  3. Believe in YOURSELF.

There will be times when you do not think you are athletic enough to be a competitive figure skater, but that is when I want you to remind yourself that you are STRONG and with hard work you can achieve your goals. As a 13-year-old girl, it is normal to want to compare yourself to your peers. However, remember you are the only person that can control the thoughts in your head and as a young athlete it is important to reframe negative chatter in your head by accepting it first and then making it something positive. I totally wished I had known about the ZGiRLS 3-Step method as a 13-year-old female athlete. Lastly, be proud of who you are and your accomplishments! Be your own cheerleader while also cheering on your teammates. Even as a to be 25-year-old, I am continuing to work on thanking myself each time I accomplish a long distance run and to be proud of myself for completing it no matter how fast or slow it was.

My lasting message for my 13-year-old-self is that you are STRONG, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, and NEVER GIVE UP! Love yourself for who you are and embrace confidence from the inside, out.


Your 25-year-old-self


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