How to Build Confidence Like Lindsey Vonn

How to Build Confidence Like Lindsey Vonn

Building confidence does not happen overnight. Not even Lindsey Vonn, one of the most successful female athletes in history, has always had confidence throughout her career. So why does it matter? Can you win a gold medal only with a strong body and strong team?

This past weekend, ZGiRLS traveled to Denver for the first of two Lindsey Vonn Foundation Strong Girls Camps this year. With the support and inspiration of Vonn, girls learned why having a strong mind is important to achieve your goals.

Lizzie, a participant at the Strong Girls Camp, said that Lindsey “worked with us about looking at any situation and changing the outcome of it entirely.”

Jenna has a similar take away from the camp, explaining that it is “really important to believe in myself and not put myself down when I make a mistake.

As from a mentor perspective, Lindsay Young writes “going into the weekend, my greatest hope for the two-day camp was to inspire the girls in my circle to take pride in their strong minds, strong bodies, and strong teams. Time after time, they inspired me. My circle walked away believing in themselves and their team, and how much fun they can have when surrounded by other confident girls.

Over the course of two-days, 100 girls were challenged to build strength through replacing negative thoughts, appreciating what their bodies CAN do, and forming teams and friendship through camp-wide activities (yes, balloons were involved). With Vonn by their side, girls recognized the strength in themselves and one another, as well as the challenges they must continuously overcome.

You can’t be told to be confident. Building confidence is a tricky and somewhat complicated process. But what ZGiRLS can provide is a set of tools, resources, and inspiration to enable girls to believe they can succeed at something. As limitations were broken and replaced with belief, each girl walked away knowing what it truly means to be a strong girl.

As for Lindsey Vonn, these were all things she learned throughout the course of her career and hopes to pass on to the current generation of girls to become empowering young women.

For those of you who could not attend, all of these tools and MORE will be learned and experienced in ZGiRLS Circles. Register for confidence like a pro!

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