6 Essential Characteristics Of A Strong Team

This post is a part of a guest blog series written by Seattle Reign professional soccer players and ZGiRLS Leaders Elli Reed (@ElliReed) and Lauren Barnes (@Laurenkb31).

In almost every game we play, we demonstrate world class teamwork.  Every game brings new challenges, a new opponent, new systems and atmosphere, and no matter how prepared we feel going into a game, things can change in seconds.  It is up to the team to be able to identify the problem during the game and to fix it.  This means trusting our teammates with their solutions.  Countless times we’ve gone into a half time and sat down as a team to figure out what we needed to do to win.

Teamwork comes very naturally to this Seattle Reign team because we are such a tight knit group. The chemistry on this team, including staff members, is unlike anything we have ever been a part of. And with this team chemistry comes a feeling of wanting to help each other out, on and off the field. At the end of the day, we know that each member of this team has given their all and that the player standing next to us will have our back.

The following are six characteristics that make a team strong and dynamic like the Seattle Reign:

  1. Be selfless – put the team ahead of the individual
  2. Every team has a unique set of qualities (personalities, characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses) so invest in learning as much about each member of the team and understand how everyone ticks
  3. Work towards a common goal
  4. Learn from mistakes and each other, each step of the way, so that you can collectively move forward
  5. Being understanding and open to new ideas
  6. Whether you succeed or fail, remain strong together

Photo Credit: Jane G Photography

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