5 Intentions of Great Parents When Sending Their Daughters to Summer Camp

It’s almost that time of the year for the ZGiRLS Summer Adventure Camp! A big decision must be made if this opportunity is right for your daughter. Is it time for her to leave home without you for a week? Will she be able to make friends? Is she independent enough to do this?

Let us reassure you by first saying your daughter is an incredible human being who has achieved great success and will continue to grow into a successful young woman. How do we know? Because we were once them and we are here to share the top five intentions all great parents have when sending their daughters to summer camp. We are here to provide a life-changing and fun experience by building confidence and strength along the way. Here’s how we do it:

DEVELOP INDEPENDENCE. We want your daughter to leave camp knowing and believing that she can do anything. We develop independence by selecting daily leadership positions for important (and secret) camp roles, giving your daughters the responsibility to take care of themselves and be responsible for their own actions, and teaching girls how their thoughts are directly responsible for how they feel. Your daughter will learn that the actions she takes and the things she tells herself creates the person she is. By the end of camp, your daughter will have a better understanding of her identity and how she can change her life.

CREATE COURAGE. Every day, girls will be challenged with new and familiar adventures. For those activities that are new, girls will gain courage by stepping up to the plate and experiencing a task that may be scary and out of their comfort zone. For the girls who have done the activity before, they will be tasked to step up as a leader and encourage their fellow ZGiRLS in their new adventure.

FACE FEARS. New can be scary. And then there is cliff jumping, rafting down rapids, and biking over sticks and rocks in a forest scary. Every girl will have the opportunity to face her fears and overcome challenges. While facing these fears builds character, overcoming these fears builds strength and confidence that lasts beyond camp. Caution: we may turn your daughter into an adventure and thrill-seeking girl.

EXPERIENCE ADVENTURE. There are not many places you can bike, swim, and rock climb all in the same day. Leavenworth, WA is the perfect location to experience adventure outdoors. Your daughter will also experience new activities, friends, and food to enhance the adventure.

FORM LIFELONG FRIENDSHIPS. Any girl can be a ZGiRL, and once a ZGiRL, your daughter will be involved in a giant community of confidence-building girls around the world. With a limit of only 16 girls sharing a giant bunk room for a week of adventure, girls will build lifelong friendships with strangers and will be planning on future camp experiences in the years to come. Not only will your daughter leave with new friends, she will also have the experience to make and keep friends throughout her life.

The ZGiRLS Summer Camp builds confidence, helps shape your daughter’s identity, and forms leadership skills. This experience away from home will have her leaving camp with a ZGiRLS mentor to call upon, 15 other sisters to call family, and adventurous memories to last a lifetime.

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    1. Absolutely! We encourage all girls to be apart of ZGiRLS programs regardless of their athletic ability. ZGiRLS is about building confidence and self-esteem for life, not just for sports.