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3 Ways to Overcome Any Challenge

ZGiRLS have just concluded the second week of Summer Adventure Camp. Each session, our mentors our thriving on creating genuine connection with each ZGiRL and instilling lessons of confidence, courage, and resilience. One of the best ways to overcome any challenge is teaching ZGiRLS that they can conquer any activity, thought, or uncomfortable situation. During camp, we provide opportunities for cliff jumping into rivers, rafting down rapids, and climbing up rocks. As ZGiRL Julia said about rock climbing, “everyone challenged themselves and had a great time.”

We see how rewarding it is when a ZGiRL stares her challenge in the face and takes the leap of faith to overcome it. We also acknowledge that not everyone has the opportunity to face fear by rafting rapids, climbing rocks, or biking down mountains. So here are three ways to over any challenge, whether out in the mountains or at home:

  1. Redirect. It’s easy to get trapped in the negative thoughts telling us what we can’t do. In order to overcome any challenge, you need your mind on your side. If you find your mind telling you what you can’t do, it’s time to redirect your thoughts. Stop the thought, in the track. Just stop. No questions asked. Then realize how silly your mind is for telling you the things you can’t do, and start telling yourself what you can do. Your mind is powerful, and when you redirect your thoughts to the positive, you will find your body is as strong as your mind.
  2. Try. Sometimes we are afraid of failure. Its normal to avoid the things we might fail at, but that what makes the challenge even better when we succeed. Try the things that scare you, that you are unsure of, that challenge that you have seen out of the corner of your eye for months. Because fear is just something in our minds, and we always have the opportunity to break down the barrier.
  3. Give. Give yourself the opportunity to challenge yourself. It’s okay to get comfortable with how things are, but that doesn’t mean you should be content with never putting yourself out there in a new environment. Change is a challenge. Whether it’s changing your daily routine, trying something new, or making new relationships. It’s okay to be uncomfortable with change, and sometimes the smallest change is the biggest challenge to overcome. Give yourself the opportunity.

ZGiRLS’ believes that with confidence, courage, and resilience, no challenge can stand in your way. That’s why with ZGiRLS Summer Adventure Camp, ZGiRLS’ will learn how to overcome challenges and walk away with a new challenge to conquer.

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