3 Tips To Prioritize Goals

3 Tips To Prioritize Goals

How many goals do you have? How many awesome achievements have you set your mind to? We all have goals. Some are bigger than others. And sometimes, our list of goals might feel overwhelming. What happens when that list of accomplishments becomes so large, we don’t know which goal to work toward first. Setting goals does not have to be overwhelming, and neither does taking steps to prioritize goals you want to accomplish.

Rather than questioning where to start, here are three tips to help prioritize goals and get you ready to celebrate your success.

  1. Identify Your Core Values. Core values are the values that mean the most to you at this point in time. Your core values can always change. In the summer, they might be; have fun, create friendships, explore the outdoors. During the schoolyear, your values could evolve to hard work, respect, and listening. Core values help evulate the parts of yourself and life that you want to focus on more than all other 1000 awesome things about you. Try this exercise:

Close your eyes. Think of the first three people you admire the most. They can be people you know. Friends. Celebrities. Or even characters from a book. Now open your eyes. Think hard about those three people. Use one word to describe the attribute you admire the most. Just one.

Now, evaluate those attributes. Why did you choose them? Why did those people come to mind? Could these three attributes be your three core values? The next time you evaluate your goals, compare them to your list of core values. Are there any goals that remind you of your values? Take those goals, and run with them. Because if your core values are most important you to right at this moment, then those goals might also be.

  1. Write Down Your Goals. If you’re like me, you want to accomplish a lot throughout life. I have many goals that are constantly evolving, changing, and getting bigger. But it’s easy to get lost in the evolution of goals.

Writing down your goals helps keep focus on the ones that mean the most. If you really want something, you are going to do everything in your power to achieve it. So write down the big, small, even the silly stuff that are the most important to you, and don’t forget to keep reading them.

  1. Tell Someone. You are much more likely to accomplish what you set our mind to if you have a person to help keep you accountable. That way, when you get to the hard part, you have a support system to encourage you along the way.

I get it though, telling someone your goals can be terrifying. What if I don’t achieve them? Am I going to be judged for falling short?

When you share your goals with someone, you are helping yourself prioritize goals by only sharing the ones that matter to you most. Not the ones that you might be scared of. Not the goals that you are unsure if they are even goals yet. The goals you share are going to be the most important, and that’s how you know they are a priority.

Now you have three skills to help you prioritize goals and set forth to creating new ones.

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