3 Things Lucy Learned Shadowing ZGiRLS HQ

Lucy Rector is a 13-year-old ZGiRLS participant from Washington. Here are her journal entries of what she learned shadowing at ZGiRLS HQ for 3 days. 


Today was my first day of shadowing Bianca at ZGiRLS HQ and it was amazing. I’ve honestly never experienced something so unique and awesome like today. I woke up bright and early this morning at 6:30 to catch the 7:50 boat to Seattle. Once we were in Seattle, we made our way to ZGiRLS HQ! ZGiRLS is located in a WeWork space on Yale Avenue. A WeWork is an amazing giant office building, but it’s about as nice as an office building gets. The 4 floors include office spaces, communal couches, beautiful kitchens, coffee machines, meeting rooms, and silent call spaces. The environment is so positive and hip, everyone seems so focused and fully invested in everything they’re doing which is so inspiring!

Once my mom and I arrived at the WeWork, I became a little bit nervous while waiting for Bianca to come to the welcome desk to pick me up. But her and CEO Jil gave the warmest welcome and my nerves instantly went away. We started with a tour of the whole WeWork space and the ZGiRLS office on the 3rd floor. Next, I learned about Bianca’s job a bit more and how she reaches out to companies and connects with sponsors. Then we carried some sponsorship boxes down to Jil’s car.

Next up on the agenda was a meeting with two awesome dudes to finalize the video production for the ZGiRLS Gala. This was definitely one of my highlights, seeing Jil, Mo and B making quick decisions and moving forward with them while being super nice was amazing. After the meeting, we ate some lunch and then got straight back into work.

By now it was around 1pm. For the next 2 ½ hours I worked on 3 solo projects. The first was transcribing letters and ZGiRLS affirmations into a google sheet. Next, I starting helping B search for furniture stores to help sponsor the ZGiRLS Gala. I wrote down their names, numbers, emails, and addresses. Finally, I wrote emails (with the help of Bianca) to each company asking for the donation. The whole day also consisted of me taking over the ZGiRLS Instagram (@gozgirls).

All in all, the day was incredible. I learned so much and was motivated beyond belief. We had tons of fun, can’t wait for tomorrow!



Yay for day two! Today my mom and I arrived a little bit late at the office due to heavy traffic near downtown. When we got to the office I began with posting on the ZGiRLS Instagram to wish everybody happy international women’s day! Next, I dove straight into project one, which was putting together makeup bags for donors and mentors with donated makeup from a woman run company called Thrive Causemetics. After I had put together 40 or so bags, Bianca and I moved the boxes of extra makeup downstairs. Working on these bags was super satisfying.

Next, I wrote a long letter to Sue Bird, the professional women’s basketball player a long thank you letter for holding a confidence-building circle in April that my ZGiRLS circle and I attended. After I finished writing and addressing Sue’s letter, I moved straight into project 2. For project 2 I helped Mo put together positive, confidence boosting tags that she would later attach to leis to pass out at a ZGiRLS skiing event during the weekend. After I finished most of the confidence tags.

Bianca and I went out to lunch. At lunch, we talked and prepped for our interview that we were to do when we got back. On the way home from our delicious lunch at Bounty Kitchen in South Lake Union, we mailed Sue’s letter and chatted more.

When we arrived back at ZGiRLS HQ we had just enough time to do our interview before my mom had to whisk me away. Today again was so much fun and so much learning!

Shadowing Bianca has made me incredibly excited to do what I love and work hard to find a job that really inspires me.


Today was so much fun. Instead of spending the day in the office, one of my closest friends Emily and I met Bianca at the Sounders game, a little bit early. Once we got inside we hurried to meet the one and only Jordan Angeli, a former pro women’s soccer player and current broadcaster for the Colorado Rapids, the team the Sounders were playing that night. Though we only got a short period of time with Jordan, you could feel her radiant personality.

Emily and I asked her about her carrier and how she’d gotten to that point and she gave us an awesome detailed description, and some great life advice. Then, Jordan had to run to her broadcasting booth to get to work. Emily, Bianca and I took our seats and began to cheer on the game. From all the way across the field, we could see Jordan’s adorable pink coat through the windows of her broadcasting booth, hard at work.


Love, Lucy Rector

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