Lindsey Vonn Strong Girls

10 Ways to Build a Strong Mind, Strong Body, and Strong Team with Lindsey Vonn

What’s the recipe for developing confident, strong, and happy girls? Combine passionate female athletes (including one of the most successful female athletes of all time) with curriculum created to support the development of girls in sports, you get a Strong Girl ready to take on the world. At the Lindsey Vonn Strong Girls Camp, girls will experience fun team-building games and activities with the support of female athletes to build confidence, teamwork, and friendships that last a lifetime.

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Here are 10 things you’ll miss out on if you don’t attend Lindsey Vonn Strong Girls Camp

  1. Meet Lindsey Vonn: Learn how Lindsey navigated successes and obstacles on her way to becoming one of the most accomplished female athletes in the world.
  1. Become a ZGiRL: A ZGiRL is a triple threat – strong, empowered, and equipped with the life skills necessary in a changing, competitive world. At the end of the two days, girls will be equipped with the tools and resources needed to build a happy, healthy, and confident life the ZGiRL way.
  1. Build Confidence: Through positive thinking and self-awareness practices, girls will learn proven techniques to build and maintain confidence.
  1. Feel Strong: Learn healthy nutrition and positive-body habits created to celebrate the importance of a strong and resilient body.
  1. Make New Friends: Bond over a shared love of sports in an uplifting and supportive environment.
  1. Participate in Fun Team Building Activities: From obstacle courses to relay races, join in on a wide range of team-building, adventuring, and goal setting activities.
  1. Connect with ZGiRLS Mentors: For the ultimate camp experience, build lasting relationships with female athletes who help girls learn and apply ZGiRLS curriculum.
  1. Spend the Weekend at GALS: Situated in the heart of Denver, the Girls Athletic Leadership School is the perfect place to empower young female athletes.
  1. Rock Lindsey Vonn Foundation SWAG: Head home in style with t-shirts, backpacks, water bottles, and more!
  1. Attend the Strong Girls Graduation Ceremony: The two-day camp concludes with a ceremony where girls celebrate building a strong mind, strong body, and strong team at the Lindsey Vonn Strong Girls Camp.

The Lindsey Vonn Strong Girls Camp is a 2-day confidence building camp in Denver, CO that encourages girls to step out of their comfort zones, embrace new challenges, meet new friends, and have fun! We hope to see you there!

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  1. Seems very interesting but we’re from barcelona!!!! What a pity!!!!!!!
    Anyway, we encourage you keep on doing things like that!!!!