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10 Best Quotes From ZGiRLS GALA

That is what empowerment feels like! Thank you for uniting with us at the ZGiRLS Gala on March 22nd! Together, we RAISED $63,875! WOW! Our team is bursting with gratitude and your generosity will make it possible for us to welcome 1,000 more girls to ZGiRLS Programs this year. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!

We’re super grateful for our two ZGiRLS, Avery & Audrey, for showing us what confident girls look and sound like on stage!

Also, an extra big thank you to Jen Mueller, Sue Bird, Megan Rapinoe, Courtney Thompson, & AJ Andrews who shared their inspiring stories and journeys with us….vibrant women making a change in the world! Here 10 key takeaways from the world-class athlete panelists:

  1. “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”
  2. “If your story starts with everything went according to plan, I don’t want to hear it.”
  3. “If you’re not messing up a bit, you’re not pushing hard enough.”
  4. “Keep trying to find the best version of yourself.”
  5. “You never know who’s watching.”
  6. “Being resilient is important to success”
  7. “The person who keeps working hard, always seems to come out on top.”
  8. “Winning isn’t everything.”
  9. “What’s part of learning? Messing up!”
  10. “I need to grow from each failure. Failure continues to push me forward and I grew to love it.”

If you’d like a recap of the word-class panel, Under Armour VP, Kelly Becker has your back. She wrote all about it right here (and then professional lacrosse player, Paul Rabil shared it!). Ripple effects like this are happening all around us.

English needs a better word than gratitude to express our appreciation for the incredible sponsors & partners behind the scenes who made this evening possible…

  • Washington Athletic Club. Generously provided the venue for ZGiRLS first annual Gala.
  • TagPrints. The provider of the awesome photo booth…Click here to see your GIFS! They do events for corporate brands, like Charles Schwab, across the country.
  • Jenna Lynn Photography. Jenna is a portrait & travel photographer. She donated her time to help us capture the evening.
  • Max Chestnut. Max is a fantastic videographer and also donated his time to help us document the evening.
  • Injoy Entertainment. Jason & Darren who helped us set the vibe and energy of the evening with their great beats.
  • Kessiah Gordon. The amazing sound engineer who made sure the microphones stayed clear and working
  • QBSI-Xerox. Donated all the printed materials.
  • Oh Miss Chic. Chien and her team thoughtfully made all the beautiful flower arrangements and put all the event design together.
  • M Meditation. M Meditation is a modern meditation movement that is for people who aren’t necessarily gurus or hippies or monks. It’s meditation for normal people with hectic schedules and demanding social lives.

P.s We invite you to share your ZGiRLS experience with your friends and encourage them to join us in bringing confidence to 1,000 more girls this year!

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