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YOU Can Make an Impact!

Are you a current or former female athlete? Are you passionate about empowering the next generation of girls? Apply to become a ZGiRLS Mentor! Our Mentors consistently rave about how fun and rewarding it is to mentor a ZGiRLS Circle. Inspire lasting confidence in girls, and help elevate them above the noise of adolescence at an age when it matters most. After completing ZGiRLS training, even the ultra-busy can manage the commitment: just two hours per month!

Join Our Team...

Wondering what exactly a ZGiRLS Mentor does? Every ZGiRLS Mentor guides her Circle through the ZGiRLS Curriculum™ at their bi-monthly huddles. Mentors use simple outlines and instructional videos to lead the huddles, making the experience both easy and fun. By sharing personal experiences and knowledge, every ZGiRLS Mentor serves as a positive sounding board and relatable role-model for the girls in her Circle.

Inspire and Grow

ZGiRLS Mentors regularly report that they gain more from ZGiRLS than they give. Not only do Mentors LOVE mentoring Circles, they also appreciate ZGiRLS’ genuine commitment to supporting their personal development. Want to know what else Mentors get out of it?

  • Mastery of the ZGiRLS Curriculum™
  • Transformational tools for your own personal growth
  • Develop leadership skills and build your resume
  • Connect with an amazing network of strong, ambitious, and inspiring women (just like you!)


  • Onboarding Process

    1. Application. Begin by clicking HERE or the “I’m In!” button
    2. Background Check. Submit to and pass a background check
    3. Orientation. Attend a one-hour group video-conference orientation with ZGiRLS founders (various dates available)
  • Online Training

    To become a certified ZGiRLS Mentor, volunteers must pass our online training program which consists of:

    • Watching online training modules, passing quizzes, and completing self-reflective exercises
    • Total of 4 to 6 self-guided hours
  • Mentoring

    The FUN part! If matched with a Circle, every ZGiRLS mentor commits to:

    • Meeting with their assigned Circle(s) twice per month
    • Communicating with the Circle Captain to negotiate the dates and locations of each huddle
    • Showing up to every scheduled huddle on time, prepared, and ready to have a good time!*

    *Please note that huddles are usually held at a parent’s house and volunteer Mentors are responsible for their own transportation.

  • Continued Growth

    We strongly encourage all ZGiRLS Mentors to stay connected to our community and engage in their own continued personal development and growth. Opportunities we support include:

    • Monthly ZGiRLS “Lunch & Learn” webcasts
    • Volunteer at occasional regional ZGiRLS events
    • Volunteer at ZGiRLS Summer Camp

If you can’t (or don’t want to) be a Mentor,

Don’t have an athletic background? Mentoring girls isn’t necessarily your cup of tea?
We still would love your support and involvement! As a startup nonprofit, the ZGiRLS’ engine runs on the generosity and passion of our amazing volunteers. Listed below are a few volunteer opportunities currently available. Sound appealing?

Let me know other ways to volunteer

Volunteer Roles

  • Social Media Internship

    • Maintain and manage ZGiRLS’ presence across all social media platforms
    • Curate content consistent with ZGiRLS’ values, brand, and mission
    • Build creative digital media campaigns
    • Evaluate social media analytics
  • ZGiRLS Representative

    • Help grow ZGiRLS’ cohort of passionate and inspiring Mentors!
    • Devise a localized Mentor-recruitment strategy
    • Reach out to and recruit new ZGiRLS Mentors
    • Act as a representative and liaison for the organization
  • YOUR Expertise

    Do you have professional expertise that you’d be willing donate to ZGiRLS’ cause? Whether you’re a graphic designer, accountant, attorney, management consultant, event planner, PR guru, digital media master, or grant-writer… Chances are we need help in your area of expertise. Please let us know if you’re interested in getting involved!