Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Are ZGiRLS Mentors?

    ZGiRLS Mentors are current/former athletes, often collegiate level or higher. Every Mentor has passed a background check and completed the ZGiRLS training program.

  • What Topics Are Covered During ZGiRLS?

    Participants learn a different topic at every huddle. CLICK HERE to see a list of the topics covered in the ZGiRLS Curriculum™.


    While the ZGiRLS Curriculum™ is catered mostly toward 11-14 year-olds, we highly encourage girls up to 16 years old to participate. It is possible that some 15-16 year-olds might find certain activities “young” for them, but there is still much to be gained from participating… After all, 100% of ZGiRLS Mentors (all young adults) report that completing the ZGiRLS Curriculum™ had a positive influence on their life. (Read: the ZGiRLS Curriculum™ benefits all ages!)


    The ZGiRLS Curriculum™ is an intentional progression designed to build upon itself. The topics covered in level 1 provide a foundation for all of the topics covered in future levels. Participants are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the full ZGiRLS experience by starting with level 1. Rather than trying to join a more advanced Circle, we strongly recommend that first-year ZGiRLS find other first-years to start a new Circle!

  • What is Korrio?

    Korrio is the third-party software that ZGiRLS uses for registration, payment, scheduling, and all things Circle-related. That means, once a ZGiRLS Circle is established, Korrio will become the private online platform for the entire Circle to communicate and schedule their huddles. If you are having any issues navigating Korrio, please let us know by sending a message to

  • How Does ZGiRLS Match Mentors with Circles?

    ZGiRLS always tries to match each Circle with a Mentor who has experience in the same sport as the majority of the girls in the Circle.  For instance, if a Circle is made up of soccer girls, ZGiRLS will pair that Circle with a Mentor who is a current/former soccer player.  When Circles have a wide mix of sports represented, ZGiRLS will do it’s best to pair the Circle with a Mentor who has experience in the sport most widely represented by the girls in the Circle.  Finally, to match Mentors with Circles, ZGiRLS uses a wide range of data points collected from the (a) Circle registration, and (b) the Mentor’s application to make sure the match is a good fit. If a Circle is dissatisfied with their Mentor after four sessions, they may notify ZGiRLS to discuss the right course of action.

  • We Have More Than 9 Girls, Is That Okay?

    The ideal Circle size is 5-9 girls. If your sports team wants to form a Circle (resulting in a Circle larger than our recommended size), then we will do our best to find a Mentor willing to accommodate it. To ensure a quality experience and optimal mentorship, we strongly encourage large groups/teams to split into two Circles. (Please note that NO Circle can ever exceed 16 girls.)

  • Who Pulls Together The Circle?

    Every ZGiRLS Circle needs to have a “Circle Captain.” Usually, the Captain is a parent; but teachers, coaches, and other community leaders make great Captains as well. Every Circle Captain is responsible for (1) rounding up a Circle of girls, (2) ensuring that the parent/guardian of each participant completes their registration, (3) coordinating the monthly huddle dates and locations with the Mentor and other parents, and (4) serving as a point-of-contact for ZGiRLS. ZGiRLS Circle Captains are basically coordinators and communicators! Because Circles are intended to be groups of teammates or friends who already know each other, the Circle Captain usually will start rounding up girls simply by chatting about the opportunity with other parents.

  • Where Are We Supposed To Hold Our Huddles?

    Most Circles meet at a parent’s house, but locations like schools or community centers work great as well. The Mentor will need to play short videos for the girls, so we strongly recommend an indoor location with access to a computer and internet. Usually, Mentors will be willing to bring and use their own personal laptop computers to play the videos. (If computer access is a problem, try to schedule your huddles at a school or community center that has internet, and arrange to use one of their computers in advance.)

  • How Do We Schedule The ZGiRLS Huddle Each Month?

    The Circle Captain will coordinate with the Mentor and other parents to finalize a schedule for all of the huddles. The Captain is responsible for making sure that the Circle has two huddles every month. ZGiRLS is NOT responsible for scheduling your Circle’s huddles. Every Circle will schedule its own unique huddle days, times, and locations. ZGiRLS very strongly encourages every Circle establish their huddle schedule before the ZGiRLS season commences.


    Sorry, adding Circle members mid-season does the new member a disservice (because she’ll completely miss out on the foundational topics already covered), and can really disrupt the existing dynamics of the Circle.

  • What Happens During A Huddle?

    Participants “huddle” twice per month. Huddles are typically one hour long (except for the first and last huddles of the season, which are an hour and a half). At huddles, the ZGiRLS Mentor will introduce ZGiRLS concepts through short instructional videos, share her personal experiences, engage the girls in group discussions, facilitate group activities/games, and guide the girls through workbook exercises. Huddles are fun, interactive, and an opportunity for girls to connect with a positive female athlete role model!

  • What Is The ZGiRLS Curriculum™ Workbook?

    Every girl will get her own ZGiRLS Workbook. Girls are assigned exercises and activities called “ZWORK” to reinforce their new skills in between each huddle.

  • How Are The Parents Involved?

    We believe in the power of a strong support network! Parents play an instrumental role in helping their daughter build confidence. Every ZGiRLS parent/guardian will receive a Parent Workbook so that he/she can learn the ZGiRLS Curriculum™ for him/herself. The parent workbook also features parenting tips, conversation starters, and recommendations on how parents can reinforce their daughter’s new skills! Parent Workbooks will be distributed at the first huddle of the season.

  • My Daughter Is Younger Than Your 11-16 Year Old Range, Can She Do ZGiRLS?

    ZGiRLS’ philosophy is to catch and positively influence girls before the challenges and pressures of adolescence set in. However, developmentally, girls younger than 11 years old typically aren’t quite ready for the mental skills taught in ZGiRLS. That said, if your daughter is a “mature” 10 years old, or very close to turning 11, and you believe that she has the attention span and interest to genuinely benefit from our curriculum, then we are willing to make an exception.

  • My Daughter Is Older Than Your 11-16 Year-Old Range. Do You Run Programs for Older Girls?

    Sorry, we do not currently offer any programs for girls older than age 16.

  • I Know A Girl Who Would Really Benefit From Doing ZGiRLS, But She Doesn't Consider Herself An "Athlete". Is ZGiRLS The Right Thing For Her?

    ZGiRLS is for 11-16 year old girls who participates in sports, regardless of their level of experience or skill. ZGiRLS uses common/shared sports examples and scenarios to teach what are otherwise abstract mental skills. By grounding our curriculum in sport, girls are able to learn the lessons much easier. If a girl has participated in a sport for at least a year, then we want to work with her!

  • What Happens If I Register My Daughter For A ZGiRLS Circle, And The Circle Ultimately Does Not Get Formed?

    We always do our very best to find each Circle a Mentor, and we know that you will do your very best to round up enough girls. That said, sometimes things just don’t work out. If we are unsuccessful finding a Mentor for your Circle, or if you can’t round up enough girls to get a Circle going, then you will have three choices: (a) postpone your daughter’s participation until she has a Circle/Mentor, (b) request a refund; or (c) forego a refund and your fee can then become a tax-deductible donation.

  • What Happens If I Register My Daughter For A ZGiRLS Circle, And She Ends Up Being Unable To Participate?

    If you contact us a minimum of 30 days prior to the start of your daughter’s ZGiRLS season, then we can give you a refund. If you choose to forgo a refund, the amount you paid may become a tax-deductible charitable donation.


    ZGiRLS’ vision is to create a world where nothing holds girls back from chasing their dreams. ZGiRLS aspires to help girls knock down all internal barriers and operate from a place of ZERO limitations. What holds a ZGiRL back from realizing her limitless potential? Zip, zero, zilch!!

  • Is ZGiRLS A Nonprofit Or For-Profit Organization?

    ZGiRLS is a Washington-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (federal tax ID #47-1091362). All donations made to ZGiRLS are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Are There Ways I Can Support ZGiRLS Beyond Making A Donation?

    Absolutely! We DO need the funding, but the whole reason we even started ZGiRLS in the first place is to empower girls. If we are going to deliver on our mission, we need Mentors, Mentors, and more Mentors! If you know a female athlete who’d be a good candidate to become a Mentor, encourage her apply! Tell old teammates, your colleagues at work, your book club, your kickball team… Being a ZGiRLS Mentor is super fun and rewarding, AND it empowers girls. We think that’s called a win-win.

  • Can My Donation to ZGiRLS Be Matched By My Employer?

    Yes! If your employer has a donation matching program, PLEASE do follow up and request that your employer match your donation. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email